You rejoice in God’s love, right? Do you think God rejoices in yours?

I know: My love seems a poor thing next to God’s. But once again I’ve learned something from my dog, even though she’s been gone over two years. Abby was a dog, and she loved as a dog loves. Not as God loves; not even as I love. But she loved with her whole heart, with all that she was and all that she had. Her whole doggy being was dedicated to loving me, her human.

And that was what melted my heart when I looked at her. It never occurred to me to ask something more of her, something different. Because she gave me everything she had, her love was just perfect.

God is not expecting me to be God. God is asking me to be Susan. And if I love from the fullness of my own finite, broken and messy heart, it is enough to bring a smile to the face of the Holy One.